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Books & Products for Bridge

We are pleased to offer a variety Bridge Products (Computer Software Packages) to enhance or complement your bridge game.

Bridge software is available by contacting us by email at or calling (416) 487-8321.

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Defensive Play at Bridge SoftwareDefensive Play at Bridge Software on CD-ROM

Contact Barbara and we can mail it to you. Postage extra.


This Interactive CD-ROM is based on a best-selling book. Declarer Play at Bridge: a QuizbookIts companion volume, Declarer Play at Bridge: a Quizbook was named 2013 Book of the Year by the American Bridge Teachers' Association. Two of the world's best bridge teachers give you the chance to learn and practice defensive play, giving you advice and feedback every step of the way. Animated diagrams make following the play a snap - and you can repeat an example as many times as you like!

NOTE: Only works on a PC or on a Mac IF your Mac has WINDOWS.

Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand Barbara Seagram & David Bird on CD-ROMPlanning the Play of a Bridge Hand Barbara Seagram & David Bird on CD-ROM

NOTE: This software works ONLY on a PC, and not a MAC

Available from Barbara at 416-487-8321 or


With this interactive software, the user can play through all the examples onscreen.Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand Barbara Seagram & David Bird - BOOK

They can go through them as many times as necessary to understand the principles involved.

The book, Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand, won the 2010 ABTA Book of the Year award

Bridge Master 2000 for BeginnersBridge Master 2000 for Beginners

Requirements: Windows

Excellent to help you with planning the play of the hand and then you actually play each hand.

Available from Barbara at 416-487-8321 or


There are over 120 hands on which you can practice and it is a superb learning tool.

Created by FRED GITELMAN, who is Bill Gates' bridge teacher, Fred is also a Canadian. Those who have this product see results immediately in their game.

Barbara's comment: I think this is the best bridge software EVER written to help less experienced players learn how to play a hand of bridge.

Counting at Bridge SoftwareCounting at Bridge

Requirements: Windows ONLY

Counting at Bridge is superb. It gives you a genuine feeling of being at the table. As you play through a hand, Mike Lawrence provides you with multiple questions. These are questions that bridge players have to learn to ask and then to answer. The answers will help you play a hand. You can learn these ideas best with this interactive CD which forces you to find answers at the moment those answers are needed. This will help you to discover who has the missing honor before taking that losing finesse! And so much more!

Available from Barbara at 416-487-8321 or


As Mike says,

"If I had these CD's when I started to play bridge (1958) and if I had a computer to use them, I would have sped up my learning curve by a huge amount."


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